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The AMP Download Runtime tool fetches a complete, compiled AMP runtime and saves it to disk. You can use this tool to fetch AMP Project releases from cdn.ampproject.org or direct it to download an AMP runtime hosted elsewhere.

Special handling is included for amp-geo. For hosting environments that dynamically modify amp-geo.js when served, this tool restores the content to its unpatched state.


Install via:

npm install @ampproject/toolbox-runtime-fetch --save


  • dest (required string): Specify the destination directory where the AMP runtime should be saved. The runtime will be downloaded to an RTV-specific path under dest.
  • clear (optional boolean): Remove all contents from the destination directory before saving the AMP runtime. Defaults to true.
  • rtv (optional string): Specify the runtime version to download. Defaults to the latest production version available.
  • ampUrlPrefix (optional string): Specify the URL where the AMP runtime is hosted. Defaults to https://cdn.ampproject.org.

Note: When downloading AMP Project releases, the runtime version (rtv) is obtained by prepending 01 (production) or 00 (canary) to the version. For example, the rtv for production release 2003101714470 is 012003101714470.


Basic usage:

const downloadRuntime = require('@ampproject/toolbox-runtime-fetch');

let result;

// Download the latest AMP Project release to /tmp/amp/rtv/<rtv>,
// where <rtv> is detected automatically
result = await downloadRuntime.getRuntime({
  dest: '/tmp/amp' // Windows filesystem paths are also supported

// Download a specific version of the AMP runtime from Bing
result = await downloadRuntime.getRuntime({
  dest: '/tmp/amp' // Windows filesystem paths are also supported
  rtv: '011912201827130',
  ampPrefixUrl: 'https://www.bing-amp.com'

 * The object returned from getRuntime() includes the success or failure status,
 * as well as data about the AMP runtime that was downloaded:
 * {
 *   status: {boolean} Overall AMP runtime download status
 *   error: {string} Error message on failure
 *   count: {number} Number of files in the AMP runtime
 *   url: {string} URL to AMP runtime
 *   dest: {string} Path to directory where AMP runtime was downloaded
 *   rtv: {string} Runtime version of AMP runtime
 * }



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