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    Vitruvius extends redux's combineReducers to allow developers to include a buildInitialState method on their reducer. This allows for the passing of locals to build the initial state that wouldn't normally be available to a reducer when setting its initial state. For instance, one could pass some data from the request object.

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    $ npm install --save @americanexpress/vitruvius


    Below is an example of a reducer implementing a buildInitialState method and an example of vitruvius being implemented.

    import { Map } from 'immutable';
    export const SOME_ACTION = 'SOME_ACTION';
    const buildInitialState = ({ data } = {}) => new Map({ foo: data || 'bar' });
    export default function reducer(state = buildInitialState(), action) {
      switch (action.type) {
        case SOME_ACTION:
          return state.set('foo',;
          return state;
    reducer.buildInitialState = buildInitialState;

    TIP: To extend combineReducers from redux-immutable instead of redux import from @americanexpress/vitruvius/immutable.

    import vitruvius from '@americanexpress/vitruvius';
    const reducer = vitruvius({
      stuff: stuffReducer,
      things: thingsReducer,
    const store = createStore(reducer, reducer.buildInitialState(locals), enhancer);


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    Any contributions made under this project will be governed by the Apache License 2.0.

    Code of Conduct

    This project adheres to the American Express Community Guidelines. By participating, you are expected to honor these guidelines.


    npm i @americanexpress/vitruvius

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