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    This package has been deprecated. Please use @aligent/cdk-prerender-proxy instead.

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    Prerender Proxy

    This library provides two constructs and a stack that creates two Lambda@Edge functions to use as a Cloudfront Origin for site indexers (Google, Bing, etc).

    The prerender-check is a viewer-request function that will check if a requester is from a indexer and if it is adds a header so that the second function prerender (origin-request) will alter the origin to

    The prerender will function also make a HEAD request to a nominated backend to detect 301 and 302 redirects and if so forward them on to the frontend. This ensures that your SEO rankings are not penalized by having multiple pages at the same URL.

    These functions are intended to be addeed to an existing Cloudfront

    Stack Props

    redirectBackendOrigin: The backend origin to make the HEAD request to. redirectFrontendHost: This hostname is used to replace the backend host for any redirects that contain the backend host. prerenderToken: Your authentication token




    npm i @aligent/aws-prerender-proxy-stack

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