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    React library for working with CADL pages

    NPM JavaScript Style Guide


    npm install --save @aitmed/react-cadl


    • type: listFooter
    • type: scrollView
    • type: searchBar
    • Format phone # in inputs
    • make type: scrollView in sync with innerHeight height
    • border: { color: "0x00000" }
    • new component:
      • type: date
        • contentType: formattedDate
        • contentType: formattedDuration
    • new action type: popUp
    • new concept: lastTop
      • most likely used for scrollView components
      • for listItem under scrollView (or list)


    • Add a check for comments not following a space

    Evaluator todos

    • Combine evaluator lookup inside _run
    • Let CADLEvaluator.evaluate do the evaluation

    Action triggers

    • onClick
    Event handler data types
    • string: Provide our own custom function
    • Array: Provide our own custom function
      • It represents a chain of actions
      • Each action in the action chain can have these possible actionTypes:
        1. builtIn - Provide our own function and logic to achieve the goal
        2. ecosConnection - Communicating with the eCOS
        3. pageJump - Navigating to a page
        4. updateObject - Updates the global root object afer receiving its data

    Referencing (Underscore)

    Inheritance, extension, and substitution rules

    1. (copy/clone) parent object
    2. Override + add attributes
    3. Substitute/replacement of values

    YAML Document Node Interfaces

    Name TS type YAML Node
    Action chain (key/value) { [key: string]: CADLChainActionObject[] } YAMLPair
    Action chain CADLChainActionObject[] YAMLSeq
    Action object CADLChainActionObject YAMLMap

    Custom integrations

    • Some components are attached with the prop data-ux for UX interactions between the library and web apps

    Video call

    Creating a token --> creating a edge --> backend creates a deat --> when join, updating name structure on the edge (type: 30000)

    • Invitations sent to join --> use bvid
      • Another person joins --> add another edge to existing room
    • Can change the title of the meeting room
    • Can invite ppl to the meeting room
      • Phone #, first name, last name
    • Invite --> creates another edge
      • If phone # exists, (?)
    • Meeting Rooms have a call ID (let austin know if twillio or talkbox is quicker for video conferencing)
    • Once a user joins the room, connect them to the meeting center(?) with the id
      • Everyone shares the same meeting room id
    • After the meeting is finished, a call history is generated (implemented later)
    • Everything is just using creating edges (no docs/vertex) at the moment



    • Username: christopher@aitmed.com

    • Password: letmein1234567

    • Account SID: ACa524f7e42d5dc9ef7385a0fdf6ac4089

    • Auth Token: ad662c4146166356aac01286f9ed21dd

    • Austins:

      • Account SID: ACa3404ef44a1d76ddb9b933ac832ae89a
      • Auth Token: 04d5a7c2fbca5bbda9d5de46fe0066f2
      • Phone #: +18634001516

    For client/SDK

    • Name: clientApiKey
    • SID: SK56fbef6964ae85203c48608d8f90c6f2
    • Key type: Standard
    • Secret: OHMOjdEsrTEuDsN7uiZmeZoBsNoq8SOp




    npm i @aitmed/react-cadl

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