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    EdgeKit | edkt();

    An open source, privacy focused client-side library for the creation and monetisation of online audiences.

    EdgeKit Prebid Flow

    What is EdgeKit? 🤔

    EdgeKit is an open source library which allows publishers to quickly and easily start to use their own 1st party data to create audience segments for monetisation via programmatic advertising.

    As a publisher, you can use EdgeKit to segment your audience, in a privacy focused manner, by keeping all your web visitors personal information on their device. No need for third party tracking or sending personal data to the server.

    Audience definitions are collaborative, and allow marketers & publishers to agree upon a taxonomy & definition in which all can trust.

    Why use EdgeKit? 🎖️

    EdgeKit allows publishers to:

    • Control their 1st party data, reducing the reliance on 3rd parties for tracking & segmentation of their users.
    • Respect the privacy of their audience, by keeping their personal information local to their device and easily purgeable.
    • Earn increased revenue from online advertising, by decorating bid requests with audience signals.

    Key Features 🔑

    • Community driven, free & open source forever.
    • Pre-packaged with a taxonomy of IAB Data Transparency Framework audiences.
    • Integrates with header bidders, SSPs or ad-servers.
    • Cookie-less and 3rd party tracking free.
    • Compatible with all modern web browsers.
    • No server infrastructure needed.
    • Developed with TypeScript.
    • No external dependencies.
    • Only 1.5kb gzip & minified.

    Installation 🚪

    Using npm:

    npm i -S @airgrid/edgekit

    Using unpkg:

    <!--ES module-->
    <!--UMD module-->
    <script src="" crossorigin></script>

    Note: using the above URLs will always fetch the latest version, which could contain breaking changes, you should pin a version number as shown in the below example:

    <!--UMD module-->

    Usage 🤓


    EdgeKit will execute the following high level flow:

    1. Check for GDPR compliance. The IAB has an API to check for GDPR compliance. Edgekit provides a simplified wrapper around this API in order to check for compliance. A list of vendor ids is passed to the function.
    2. Register, run and store user defined pageFeatureGetters. In this step the library will run getters that fetch page features describing the current page load, which will be stored locally to create a history of the pages viewed by the user visiting your site.
    3. Run audience definitions against the local page views. The library now checks the users local history to see if they match any of the audience definitions, storing any matched audiences.
    4. Make matched audiences available to bidding. The final step is to pass the newly defined audience signals to third party bidders, for example via Prebid.

    Full Flow

    Page Feature Getters

    A page feature is a value that describe a pages content. The features can be something concrete like a list of keywords on a page, or something more abstract like a vector. Learn more

    Audience Definitions

    In EdgeKit an audience refers to a group of users you would like to identify based on a feature, the frequency of the user seeing the feature and how long ago or recently they saw it. Learn more

    Vendor Ids

    Vendors are companies that are participating in the Transparency and Consent Framework. Quoting the definition from IAB policy site, a vendor is:

    “Vendor” means a company that participates in the delivery of digital advertising within a Publisher’s website, app, or other digital content, to the extent that company is not acting as a Publisher or CMP, and that either accesses an end user’s device or processes personal data about end users visiting the Publisher’s content and adheres to the Policies...

    You can find the list of vendors (including Airgrid LTD) and their ids here.

    Running Edgekit

    Edgekit is run by calling the function with page feature getters, audience definitions and vendor ids:

    import { edkt } from '@airgrid/edgekit';
    // If GDPR applies and consent has not been established then this function won't do anything{
      pageFeatureGetters: ...,
      audienceDefinitions: ...,
      vendorIds: ..., // vendor ids to check for consent

    Alternatively, pass in a flag to omit the GDPR check if it's not necessary for your use case:{
      pageFeatureGetters: ...,
      audienceDefinitions: ...,
      omitGdprConsent: true

    Bidding Integration

    Developer Setup 💻

    Full developer documentation coming soon!

    $ git clone
    $ cd edgekit
    $ npm i
    $ npm test
    $ npm run build

    EdgeKit ❤️ AirGrid

    AirGrid provides a managed layer for your EdgeKit deployments.

    EdgeKit AirGrid

    Contributing 🎗️

    Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.

    See Contributing.

    Licence 💮

    MIT License | Copyright (c) 2020 AirGrid LTD | Link


    npm i @airgrid/edgekit


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