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Salesforce Convert ID

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Before the Salesforce API v2.5 we had both formats of ID lengths which can sometimes lead to some problems. This library aims to converts a 15 character Salesforce ID to a 18 characters Salesforce ID to address this issue.

How to use it

  • Install the library first with yarn add @adriantombu/salesforce-convert-id
  • And then import it in your script
const { salesforceConvertId } = require('@adriantombu/salesforce-convert-id')

const smallId = 'a0i1t000002i0p0';
const longId = salesforceConvertId(smallId)


In case of an invalid ID, we juste send it back with no warning as this is not the purpose of this library

const { salesforceConvertId } = require('@adriantombu/salesforce-convert-id')

const aWrongId = 'badid';
const longId = salesforceConvertId(aWrongId)


How to contribute

  • Clone the repository git clone git@github.com:adriantombu/salesforce-convert-id.git
  • Install the packages with yarn install
  • Modify the src/index.ts file
  • When everything's done, you can send a PR \o/

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