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adaptable (vanilla)

Repository for the vanilla version of AdapTable - the AG Grid extension developed by Adaptable Tools.

There are also AdapTable React and AdapTable Angular versions available for those who wish to access AdapTable using their preferred Framework.


For full details on how to install, instantiate and reference AdapTable programmatically at run-time please read the AdapTable Developer Documentation.


A license for AdapTable provides access to all product features as well as regular updates and enhancements through the lifetime of the license, comprehensive support, and access to all 3rd party libraries.

There are a number of different license options available.

We can also make a trial license available for a short period of time to allow you to try out AdapTable for yourself.

Note: The AdapTable license does not include an AG Grid license which must be bought separately.

Please contact sales@adaptabletools.com or see our License Help Page for more information.


The AdapTable Documentation contains numerous demos that show the many different functionalities available in AdapTable.

Additionally you can see a number of large demos at the Adaptable Tools website.

Other AdapTable Resources

General information about Adaptable Tools is available at our Website


For all support enquiries please email support@adaptabletools.com or raise a Support Ticket.


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contact sales@adaptabletools.com for details

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