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MapLibre GL Leaflet

This is a binding from MapLibre GL JS to the familiar Leaflet API. It was originally developed for Mapbox (https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-leaflet) and was migrated to MapLibre after Mapbox changed its license.

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This project is a fork from @maplibre/maplibre-gl-leaflet. I needed to improve the code to export the function that creates the layer instead of adding it to variable L of the leaflet. In my project, any other library overrides the variable L and removes the function to create the map libre of the layer. I took the opportunity to make any changes suggested by lint and improve the code to use the es2021 specification.

This project makes it possible to easily add a maplibre-gl-js layer in your Leaflet map. When using maplibre-gl-leaflet, you won't be able to use some of the maplibre-gl-js features. Here are the main differences between a "pure" maplibre-gl-js map and a Leaflet map using maplibre-gl-leaflet:

  • No rotation / bearing / pitch support
  • Slower performances: When using maplibre-gl-leaflet, maplibre-gl-js is set as not interactive. Leaflet receives the touch/mouse events and updates the maplibre-gl-js map behind the scenes. Because maplibre-gl-js doesn't redraw as fast as Leaflet, the map can seem slower.

On the bright side, the maplibre-gl-leaflet binding will allow you to use all the leaflet features and plugins.

If you only need the maplibre-gl-js features (adding a map with a mapbox-style, adding a GeoJSON, etc.), you are probably better off using it directly.


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