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    Javascript implementation of AbstractMark.

    For more information about Abstractmark, please visit this repository.

    AbstractMark CLI

    • Requirement:

      • npm installed with its path registered on your system path. (You may ignore this if you installed npm in the proper way)
    • Installation Type npm install @abstractmark/abstractmark -g. To make sure it's installed properly, please type abstractmark --help, it should shows abstractmark CLI usage, if it doesn't, please open an issue.

    • Usage:

      • For Converting Abstractmark file: run abstractmark [abstractmark file] [abstractmark options] [args]
      • For Converting Abstractmark files inside a folder: run abstractmark [folder] [abstractmark options args]
      • For Abstractmark's Information : run abstractmark [option]
      • For more information about AbstractMark CLI, please type abstractmark --help on your terminal.

    Import AbstractMark

    • Installation

      Type npm install @abstractmark/abstractmark on your command line.

    • Usage:

      • import {AbstractMark} from "@abstractmark/abstractmark" to import AbstractMark
      • Pass your text to convert into AbstractMark function with your options, example: AbstractMark("# Hello World {#Hi} {color:red}", {styled: true})
    • Available options:

      • styled, convert your text into html tags with default styled
      • fullHTMLTags, convert your text into full structured html tags.

    Setup (development)

    • Clone this repository by typing git clone abstractmark and get into it by typing cd abstractmark
    • To start setting up abstractmark CLI, type npm i -g to install it globally. To make sure abstractmark CLI is installed, type abstractmark --help. For more information about CLI is also written there.

    Code of Conduct

    For the Code of Conduct, please visit

    Contributing Guidelines

    Thanks for your interest in contributing to AbstractMark! Please take a moment to review this document


    AbstractMark is distributed under MIT License




    npm i @abstractmark/abstractmark

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