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AbstractAPI javascript-ip-geolocation library

Integrate the powerful IP Geolocation API from Abstract in your Javascript or NodeJS project in a few lines of code.

Abstract's IP Geolocation API is a fast, lightweight, modern, and RESTful JSON API allowing you to look up the location, timezone, country details, and more of an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

It's very simple to use: you only need to submit your API key and an IP address, and the API will respond with an assessment of its geographical location, as well as additional details like the timezone, if it's a VPN address, and more.

Validating and verifying IP addresses is a critical step to reducing the chances of low-quality data and fraudulent or risky users in your website or application.



You can install javascript-ip-geolocation via npm, from our CDN, or download the source into your project.


Download and install the library from npm:

npm install @abstractapi/javascript-ip-geolocation --save

In your project, import it and configure your API_KEY:

import {AbstractIpGeolocation} from 'javascript-ip-geolocation'


Browser, from the CDN

You can have the browser download the library from its closest location through jsDeliver CDN:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@abstractapi/javascript-core@latest/dist/javascript-core.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@abstractapi/javascript-ip-geolocation@latest/dist/javascript-ip-geolocation.js"></script>

    // use the library

Browser, from the built file

You can build the library yourself, or get the already built file from the dist directory and load it:

<script src="dist/javascript-ip-geolocation.js"></script>

    // use the library

API key

Get your API key for free and without hassle from the Abstact website.


AbstractAPI javascript-ip-geolocation library returns a Promise so you can use one of the following approaches:


async function validateIP(ipAddress) {
  let response = await AbstractIpGeolocation.look_up(ipAddress);

Using .then()

function validateIP(ipAddress) {
    .then(response => {

API response

The API response contains the following fields:

Parameter Type Details
ip_address String The requested IP address
city String City's name.
city_geoname_id String City's geoname ID.
region String State or province in which the the city is located.
region_iso_code Char[2] State or province's ISO 3166-2 code.
region_geoname_id String State or province's geoname ID.
postal_code String ZIP or postal code.
country String Country's name.
country_code Char[2] Country's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.
country_geoname_id String Country's geoname ID.
country_is_eu Boolean True if the country is in the EU, false if it is not.
continent String Continent's name.
continent_code Char[2] 2 letter continent code: AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA, AN
continent_geoname_id String Continent's geoname ID.
longitude Float Decimal of the longitude.
latitude Float Decimal of the latitude.
security > is_vpn Boolean Whether the IP address is using from a VPN or using a proxy
timezone > name String Timezone's name from the IANA Time Zone Database.
timezone > abbreviation String Timezone's abbreviation, also from the IANA Time Zone Database.
timezone > gmt_offset String Timezone's offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
timezone > current_time String Current time in the local time zone.
timezone > is_dst Boolean True if the location is currently in Daylight Savings Time (DST).
flag > svg String Link to a hosted version of the country's flag in SVG format.
flag > png String Link to a hosted version of the country's flag in PNG format.
flag > emoji String Country's flag as an emoji.
flag > unicode String Country's flag in unicode.
currency > currency_name String The currency's name.
currency > currency_code String The currency's code in ISO 4217 format.
connection > connection_type String Type of network connection: Dialup, Cable/DSL, Cellular, Corporate
connection > autonomous_system_number Uint32 Autonomous System number
connection > autonomous_system_organization String Autonomous System Organization name.
connection > isp_name String Internet Service Provider (ISP) name.
connection > organization_name String Organization name.

Detailed documentation

You will find additional information and request examples in the Abstract help page.

Getting help

If you need help installing or using the library, please contact Abstract's Support.

For bug report and feature suggestion, please use this repository issues page.


Contributions are always welcome, as they improve the quality of the libraries we provide to the community.

Please provide your changes covered by the appropriate unit tests, and post them in the pull requests page.



Run npm install in the command line to install the dependencies. To update those dependencies you need to run npm update.


To build the library and generate the minified file in the dist directory, you need to run npm run build.

To build the lib, you need to run npm run build:lib.


To run the test suite, you need to run: npm run test.

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