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Automated GitHub Issues Reporting

Five different report styles to chose from in either markdown or plain text.

Snitch markdown and text reports

⚠️ This project was formerly named ghif but as of v2 has diverged significantly enough from that codebase to warrant rebranding while maintaining all its previous git history.

What's New

Snitch v3.1.0 supports filtering issues by label, by assignee and by milestone, giving you even greater control over how you tailor your reports. See Options below for details.


⚠️ Snitch requires GitHub CLI and Node.js.

To install Snitch with NPM, please run the following command in your terminal:

> npm i -g 4awpawz/snitch

5 Reports To Chose From

Report Name Description Example
assignee a list of issues by assignee > snitch --name=assignee > snitch-report.md
label a list of issues by label > snitch --name=label > snitch-report.md
list a list of issues > snitch --name=list > snitch-report.md
milestone a list of issues by milestone > snitch --name=milestone > snitch-report.md
milestone-label a list of issues by milestone and label > snitch --name=milestone-label > snitch-report.md


Option Description Default (if omitted) Example
--name=[list | milestone | milestone-label | label | assignee] name of report to generate list --name=milestone-label
--repo=[path to repository] path to Github repository the GitHub repository associated with the current project determined by git remote origin --repo=4awpawz/snitch
--as-text (v3.0.0) output report as plain text output report as markdown --as-text
--heading=[report heading] the heading for the report repository name --heading=CHANGELOG
--no-heading (v3.0.0) omit heading include heading --no-heading
--blank-lines (v3.0.0) seperate issues with a blank line no seperating blank line --blank-lines
--non-interactive for markdown reports only, generate non interactive issues generate interactive issues --non-interactive
--no-attribution attribution is jnot appended to the report attribution is appended to the report --no-attribution
--max-issues=integer maximum number of issues to report 10000 --max-issues=100000
--state=[all | open | closed] filter issues by state all --state=closed
--label=<strings> (v3.1.0) filter issues by one or more labels no filtering by label --label=bug
--assignee=<string> (v3.1.0) filter issues by assignee no filtering by assignee --assignee=supercoder
--milestone=<string> (v3.1.0) filter issues by milestone no filtering by milestone --milestone=v10.6.20
--debug run in debug mode, see below for details run in normal mode --debug

Saving output to a file

Use redirection (i.e., >) to save output to a file:

> snitch --name=list > list.md

Debug mode

You can run Snitch in debug mode to expose the dynamically generated configuration data that would be used during the processing of the payload returned from GitHub's CLI utility as well as the command line that would be used to invoke GitHub CLI itself. This information would be useful when submitting an issue or for your own problem resolution.

To invoke debug mode, append --debug to the command line that you would use to generate your desired report, such as the list report in the command below:

> snitch --name=list --debug 

The output from running Snitch in debug mode would look similar to the following:

debug config:  {
  reportName: 'list',
  repo: 'https://github.com/4awpawz/snitch',
  state: 'all',
  maxIssues: 10000,
  nonInteractive: false,
  noHeading: false,
  heading: '4awpawz/snitch',
  debug: true,
  noAttribution: false,
  asText: false,
  blankLines: false,
  label: 'bug',
  assingee: '',
  milestone: ''
debug gh command:  gh issue list -L 10000 --state all --json 'number,title,labels,milestone,state,assignees,url' -R https://github.com/4awpawz/snitch --label 'bug'

You can also run the debug gh command to examine the JSON payload returned by GitHub's gh utility:

> gh issue list -L 10000 --state all --json 'number,title,labels,milestone,state,assignees,url' -R https://github.com/4awpawz/snitch --label 'bug'

Report Sensitivity

When generating a report other than the list report you might see a warning message like the one below. It is informing you that some issues were excluded from the report because they didn't meet the report's requirements. For example, if you generate a milestone report and there are issues that haven't been assigned a milestone then those issues will be excluded from the report.

missing criteria warning message

Screencasts & Tutorials

Introducing Snitch v3.0.0 Snitch milestone report video

Example - Easily Create Your Project's Changelog

> snitch --name=list --state=closed --heading=CHANGELOG

changelog report image

Request a new report format

Have an idea for a report format that is not yet supported? Then by all means please submit a request and provide a detailed description of the report you are seeking.

Known Issues

If you are a Vim or a Neovim user and you are using the markdown-preview plugin to preview markdown then please be aware that it can render markdown incorrectly. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't currently seem to be actively maintained. For more information, please see this issue.



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