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    1Hive's Tokens app is a fork of Aragon Token Manager which is used to manage the supply and distribution of an organization's token.

    🐲 Project Stage: Production

    The 1Hive Tokens app has been published to open.aragonpm.eth on Rinkeby and xDai networks. If you experience any issues or are interested in contributing please see review our open issues.

    🚨 Security Review Status: pre-audit

    The code in this repository has not been audited.

    How to run 1Hive Tokens locally

    First make sure that you have node and yarn installed and working. You'll also need to have Metamask or some kind of web wallet enabled to sign transactions in the browser.

    Git clone this repo.

    git clone https://github.com/1Hive/token-manager-app.git

    Navigate into the token-manager-app directory.

    cd token-manager-app

    Install npm dependencies.


    Start a development version of the Hooked Token Manager with buidler

    yarn start

    A new tab should appear in your browser. Now, any change in the frontend code or smart contract will automatically be applied.

    How to deploy 1Hive Tokens to an organization

    1Hive Tokens has been published to APM on Rinkeby and xDai at hooked-token-manager.open.aragonpm.eth.

    It can be used as a regular Token Manager, but define an extra ROLE (SET_HOOK_ROLE), and two new functions (registerHook(address) and revokeHook(uint256)).


    We welcome community contributions!

    Please check out our open Issues to get started.

    If you discover something that could potentially impact security, please notify us immediately. The quickest way to reach us is via the #dev channel in our Discord chat. Just say hi and that you discovered a potential security vulnerability and we'll DM you to discuss details.




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