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WARNING: Alpha software. Expect things to break when trying to use.

A full-page React component for rendering beautiful documentation for Solidity and Typescript code generated with TypeDoc or sol-doc.

react-docs generating 0x's smart contract docs


  • Mobile optimized
  • Reads Javadoc-style comments in your code to generate class/method/argument/return/type comments.
  • Syntax highlighting support for TypeScript & Solidity
  • Type declaration linking
  • Type declaration popovers to avoid clicking through to the definition
  • Section/method/type anchors for easily pointing others to a specific part of your docs.
  • Version picker
  • Customizable sidebar header
  • Supports custom markdown sections so you can easily add an intro or installation instructions.


yarn add @0x/react-docs


This package exposes both a single Documentation react component that will render a docs page, as well as all of it's sub-components in case someone wants to build their own layout.

Currently this package still has some external dependencies outside of the Documentation component, so please start your project off by copying the react-docs-example directory and modifying it there. If you need changes in the react-docs package, fork the 0x monorepo, make the required changes and submit a PR. Until we merge it, you can have your project depend on your own custom fork.

If your project is in TypeScript, add the following to your tsconfig.json:

"compilerOptions": {
    "typeRoots": ["node_modules/@0x/typescript-typings/types", "node_modules/@types"],

Future improvements

Feel free to contribute to these improvements!

  • Allow user to pass in styling for all major elements similar to Material-UI.
  • Allow user to define an alternative font and have it change everywhere.
  • Add source links to Solidity docs (currently unsupported by solc, which underlies sol-doc).


We welcome improvements and fixes from the wider community! To report bugs within this package, please create an issue in this repository.

Please read our contribution guidelines before getting started.

Install dependencies

If you don't have yarn workspaces enabled (Yarn < v1.0) - enable them:

yarn config set workspaces-experimental true

Then install dependencies

yarn install


To build this package and all other monorepo packages that it depends on, run the following from the monorepo root directory:

PKG=@0x/react-docs yarn build

Or continuously rebuild on change:

PKG=@0x/react-docs yarn watch


yarn clean


yarn lint




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npm i @0x/react-docs

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