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A 500px.com wrapper that does a little more than the existing 500px node module 😉. Wraps the 500px API, exposing a clean, well-tested, promise-based interface with support for authenticated requests.


$ npm install 600px


Require it into your project as usual. The main module is a class that requires a configuration object to be correctly initialized. You need a consumer_key for the public methods, and a bit more information for the authenticated methods, which we'll talk about in the next section.

var API = require('600px'),
    api = new API({ consumer_key: 'xxx' });

Now you have an object available for each API endpoint, as such:

var Photos = api.photos;
var Users = api.users;
var Blogs = api.blogs;
var Collections = api.collections;

There are a number of methods to make specific API requests on each of these endpoints, documented below. At the moment, only GET methods are supported, although I plan on adding support for POST and PUT methods down the line as well, and the architecture is in place for it.


This library is intended for personal use and therefore does not include a full authorization flow. If you do need to authorize, it has to happen in the browser through OAuth, and you can use the officially maintained 500px client-side js library for this.

Unfortunately, 500px offers no way for you to easily obtain a personal access token, so you need to go through the whole OAuth thing and make a dummy app in order to get the info you need to make authenticated requests. Here are a set of steps you can take to get personal access tokens fairly painlessly:

  • Make a new 500px application, make sure to set the callback url to https://grant-oauth.herokuapp.com/connect/500px/callback.
  • Head over to the wonderful grant oauth playground, check the app box, and enter in your application's consumer key and secret which you just generated
  • Go through the oauth flow. At the end, you will be redirected to grant's playground where you will get a access token and access secret.
  • In order to make authenticated calls, you need a consumer_key, consumer_secret, token, and token_secret, which you now have all of. Initialize this library's class with those four, named appropriately, and you will be able to make authenticated calls.

With this done, you can hit any endpoint without errors. Without this in place, the endpoints that indicate that they require OAuth in 500px's API docs will return an error.


To retrieve photos, use photos on the instantiated class with any of the methods listed below. A brief example:

api.photos.getPopular({'sort': 'created_at', 'rpp': '100'})

Note that each method returns a A+ compliant promise generated by when.js. If you don't know how to use promises, don't worry at all, the basics are super easy. You can just follow the example as above: use then to execute a function on success and catch on error. Below are all the photo-related functions you can use:

  • getById (photo_id, arguments)
  • getByUsername (username, arguments)
  • getByUserId (user_id, arguments)
  • getFavoritesByUsername (username, arguments)
  • getFavoritesByUserId (user_id, arguments)
  • getFriendsByUsername (username, arguments)
  • getFriendsByUserId (user_id, arguments)
  • getPopular (arguments)
  • getUpcoming (arguments)
  • getEditorsChoice (arguments)
  • getFreshToday (arguments)
  • getFreshYesterday (arguments)
  • getFreshWeek (arguments)
  • searchByTag (tag, arguments)
  • searchByTerm (term, arguments)

For more information on the possible arguments, please check the 500px.com photos API




Available functions:

  • get (arguments)
  • getById (id, arguments)
  • getByName (username, arguments)
  • getByEmail (email, arguments)
  • getFriendsById (id, arguments)

For more information on the possible arguments, please check the 500px.com users API





  • getById (id, arguments)
  • getCommentsById (id, arguments)
  • getFresh (arguments)
  • getByUsername (username, arguments)
  • getByUserId (user_id, arguments)

For more information on the possible arguments, please check the 500px.com blogs API


Note that all collections endpoints require full authentication credentials.




  • get (arguments)
  • getById (id, arguments)

For more information on the possible arguments, please check the 500px.com collections API


Licensed under MIT (see license »)



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