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This toolkit aims to help bootstrap web applications built on top of the 2lemetry platform quickly and efficiently, as well as expose some internal tools we think are cool. Node.js was selected because of its development speed and monolingual format.

Comments and questions can be submitted via Issues or at


This toolkit is considered alphawhare. You are warned.


Just make it so.

  1. Node.js, version 0.10.12.
  2. Ruby
  3. Terminal Notifier, installed as: sudo gem install terminal-notifier.


  • Node.js.

Install the toolkit from NPM:

sudo npm install -g 2lemetry

Note: The dependency list, though large, is just propogated to all libraries which require it for KISS reasons.

  • Client.

Install the toolkit from bower:

bower install 2lemetry


Most of the libraries baked goods are aggregated into a sample application built on AngularJS, and all are accessible via the command line. The toolkit makes it easy to develop on top of the sample application using Jade and CoffeeScript, and Node.js is only used to compile our static assets using "development" or "production" standards, then serve them. The public/ folder is meant to be pushed to any static endpoint, such as a CDN.

  • Create an application with authentication.
2lemetry angularme --name="My App"
cd my_app

All of the libraries use the same HTTP server, which runs in two modes:

  • development
  • production

It follows suit from the Play! Framework, correlating "run" with "development" and "start" with "production". By default, the server uses port 80, unless otherwise specified.

  • Run the app server in "development" mode.
2lemetry run

This will:

  • Generate the 2lemetry app template.
  • Compile CoffeeScript and Jade.
  • Alert via terminal-notifier.
  • Browser refresh.


If you wish to hack on this library:

2lemetry dev setup
cd node-2lemetry
npm install

This will:

  • Clone the node-2lemetry repository.
  • Install necessary assets.

Build API Documentation

  • Generate the v2 JavaScript interface from swagger docs.
cd api
2lemetry swaggerme

Run SocketMQ

  • Run the SocketMQ server in "development" mode.
cd socketmq
2lemetry run --port=3001