• Official Javascript SDK for the EVRYTHNG API.

    published 6.0.5 2 years ago
  • EVT context script

    published 1.1.10 2 years ago
  • Evrythng.js Hub plugin for transparent local Thng-Hub requests

    published 2.0.0 7 years ago
  • Evrythng.js MQTT plugin for MQTT real-time communication with EVRYTHNG API

    published 1.1.0 7 years ago
  • Plugin for evrythng.js that adds PubSub connectivity with MQTT and MQTT over WebSockets.

    published 1.0.0 5 years ago
  • Plugin for evrythng.js that adds Barcode, QR code, Image Recognition and OCR scanning to applications.

    published 3.0.0-pre 7 years ago
  • Module for the EVRYTHNG OpenAPI file

    published 2.1.0 3 years ago
  • Common dev tasks framework using Gulp 4 for evrythng.js and plugins.

    published 0.0.13 7 years ago