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npm Orgs is now free for all users to organize and collaborate on public code.

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Use Orgs to manage permissions for multiple team members all at once.

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Simplify package management with security groups and one-click configuration.

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Stop reinventing the wheel. Discover and re-use code across projects.

Secure your private code

Use private packages

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Powerful integrations and a simple workflow help you build amazing things with one integrated tool.

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Find, install, and publish both private and public code with the same workflow

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Harness the power of over 465,000 modules used by over 7 million developers worldwide

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Connect the tools you already use and harness new ways to seamlessly test, secure, and deploy your code

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Control publishing for groups and manage varying permissions for different teams and roles.

Private packages

Restrict access to your code. Combine private and open source packages in the same project.

Managing a large team or have custom requirements?

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