Take enterprise JavaScript development to new heights

    npm Enterprise helps large teams share, discover, and re-use code — behind the corporate firewall — so they can build amazing things.

    Safe and private

    Run the same software that serves over 12 billion package installs every month — behind your firewall and totally under your control.

    • Delegate login to your existing single sign-on provider: SAML, LDAP, GitHub Enterprise, or Atlassian

    • Selectively mirror the public npm registry and maintain private scopes

    • Operate completely airgapped from the public Internet

    Break barriers, not builds

    Increase productivity within teams and across the enterprise.

    • Simplify complex dependencies with semantic versioning

    • Encourage code discovery and re-use

    • Automatically interface with continuous integration (CI) tools

    One-touch installation

    Install in minutes

    Getting started is easy, and we’re here to help. Follow simple tutorials to spin up npm Enterprise on any major platform — including RHEL, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu — in less than an hour. Run into trouble? We’ve got your back.

    Inner Source: open source in your enterprise

    Build projects faster, share knowledge effortlessly, and collaborate across teams.

    npm Enterprise seamlessly integrates with the tools and workflows your developers love, while maintaining total control over your code.

    The tool developers prefer

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    4.5 billion

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    17.7 billion

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    “It’s just like working in open source. Seeing your own packages right there, not hiding out in the ether behind some command line, really helps.”

    — CJ Winslow, Software Engineer

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    “npm Enterprise gives you control over your environment. It’s helped us a lot.”

    — Daniel Poindexter, Front-End Architect

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    “npm Enterprise has been a rock solid internal tool that has helped us increase the shareability and standards of our code.”

    — Daniel Mendelsohn, Associate Director of UI Development

    I <3 @npmjs! optimizely.com relies on it.

    Bradley Heinz @bbheinz

    Node.js and npm have been the best thing ever for my productivity.

    Sindre @sindresorhus

    Great, game-changing tool for web development, and some great people to boot!

    Adam Rackis @AdamRackis

    Over 10 million developers and tens of thousands of companies use npm


    Development is hard. Our pricing isn’t.

    npm Enterprise is priced per user, per month.
    Just pick the level of support that’s right for you.

    Have custom requirements? Let’s talk


    per user / month

    Orgs with private packages

    Your own restricted scope for private code
    • Hosted by npm
    • Unlimited packages
    • Powerful team management

    from $16

    per user / month


    Bring the open-source toolkit into your company
    • Host on your server
    • Powerful integrations
    • Online support from npm’s team

    for 50+


    Enterprise Pro

    Enterprise-grade support for large teams
    • Scalable high availability
    • Total customization
    • Dedicated account management

    Get started with npm Enterprise

    You’re minutes away from powering your own npm registry! Download a copy of npm Enterprise with a free 30-day evaluation key, and we’ll help you get all set up.