Nice People Matter: npm is hiring

We are currently looking for a front-end developer and another very good developer to work on our command-line client. If those aren't you, but you think that you are a good fit for our products and culture, and you have noteworthy technical skills, please send an email with evidence of your awesomeness (like your resume, or links to LinkedIn/GitHub/Twitter/whatever) to

We’d like to hear from you.

Very Good Developer (command line tools)

npm is the command-line interface to the npm ecosystem. It is battle-tested, surprisingly flexible, and used by hundreds of thousands of JavaScript developers every day. But it needs to do more!

We're in the process of making a number of long-overdue changes to npm to make it more flexible to use in third-party tooling, better at working with larger team development processes, and more optimized for the needs of the growing army of front-end developers using npm to do browser development. This is an excellent opportunity to improve and redesign parts of a tool that is very powerful. Your work will be noticed.

We're looking for developers who care deeply about package management, and care just as much about the developers who rely upon it. You'll be on a team of 2 directly reporting to one of npm's cofounders, so there won't be a lot to get in your way, but you'll also be dealing directly with npm's customers on a regular basis. Your work will be very visible, it will be open source, and there will be many opportunities to build new tools for use within npm.

We are willing to consider remote workers for this position, but are unable to process work visas other than TNs yet.

Front-end developer serves 3 million page views to over half a million unique users every month, and traffic has grown more than 40% since the beginning of the year. This is despite the fact that it barely does anything!

But we're fixing that, with a long-overdue rebuild in the battle-tested hapi framework. That's going to be quickly followed by a complete visual refresh, already in progress. Those will lay the groundwork for a long laundry list of new features we have planned to help our users find, evaluate and learn how to use the best of the 80,000 packages in the registry.

We're looking for a developer who of course loves Node, but is also a big fan of CSS, and has a strong sense of design and usability. Your challenges will be about finding new and useful ways to search and display the registry, turning into the primary destination for people learning and using Node.js. Your work will be both highly visible and open source.

You'll be our second full-time front-end developer, working out of our offices in Oakland. For this position we are not looking for remote workers, and unfortunately our limited resources mean we cannot handle H-1B holders at this time (TN visas are okay).

About npm, Inc.

npm is the package manager for JavaScript. The team is small, and growing quickly. If you join us, you will see the company grow through numerous changes, and take a bunch of different roles.

npm’s mission is to take Open Source development to entirely new places. When everyone else is adding force, we work to reduce friction.

npm is not a typical product, and we are not a typical early-stage “work hard/play hard” startup. We are responsible adults with diverse backgrounds and interests, who take our careers and our lives seriously. We believe that the best way to iterate towards success is by taking care of ourselves, our users, and one another. We aim for a sustainable approach to work and life, because that is the best way to maximize long-term speed, while retaining clarity of vision. Compassion is our strategy.

Our offices are in downtown Oakland, California. We offer very competitive salaries, meaningful equity, and generous health, dental and vision benefits. We love it when you represent us at conferences.