2 Packages by zlatip

  • hbs-passport-helpers View helper methods from passport exposed to templates
  • rights-middleware Provides dynamic roles based authorization for node.js connect and express servers. This module is a fork from git://github.com/ForbesLindesay/connect-roles.git

13 Packages starred by zlatip

  • chalk Terminal string styling done right. Much color.
  • express Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework
  • fb NodeJS Library for Facebook
  • grunt The JavaScript Task Runner
  • mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM
  • node-inspector Web Inspector based nodeJS debugger
  • nodemon Simple monitor script for use during development of a node.js app.
  • nssocket An elegant way to define lightweight protocols on-top of TCP/TLS sockets in node.js
  • passport Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.
  • passport-google-oaut... Google (OAuth) authentication strategies for Passport.
  • socket.io node.js realtime framework server
  • ws simple to use, blazing fast and thoroughly tested websocket client, server and console for node.js, up-to-date against RFC-6455
  • zeromq zeromq for node.js