Ziv Levy

  • A set of tasks and helpers for gulp

    published 6.4.0 8 years ago
  • Deprecated: Moved to gulp-css-usage

    published 1.0.9 8 years ago
  • A Gulp task which scans your JavaScript classes, including React JSX files support (.jsx/.js), as well as HTML files, your CSS files, and gives you a report of CSS coverage. i.e how many class names are needless and which are those class names.

    published 2.2.2 6 years ago
  • Simple and generic JavaScript class to handle REST API calls

    published 0.7.1 6 years ago
  • This project aims to create a unified UI styled components for multiple development teams who work on the same web-based applications.

    published 1.6.63 5 years ago
  • Raven test kit module to enable reports to sentry in tests without really sending the report

    published 1.3.19 6 years ago
  • Sentry Testkit enables Sentry to work natively in your application while running tests. The report is not really sent but rather logged locally into memory. In this way, the logged reports can be fetched for your own verification or any other purpose in y

    published 5.0.9 2 months ago