24 Packages by yetzt

  • bundesscraper Scraping Data of Members of the German Federal Parliament.
  • canvg A port of canvg, which parses svg input and renders the result to a canvas.
  • dngl use a 3g/4g usb data dongle to log mobile network data
  • dpnd automagical package.json dependency determination
  • dur convert durations strings to an integer of milliseconds
  • eurlex Retrieve documents from EUR-Lex and convert them to usable data
  • filedump Store files
  • fiware fi-ware bindings for node.js
  • garage a simple data file store
  • geocluster find clusters in coordinates
  • gpsy a gps serial client
  • gv100json Convert GV100AD to JSON
  • lru-files a cache of least recently used files
  • nsa networked status aggregator
  • pdftxt extract text from pdf documents
  • polygon-direction determine if a polygon is clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • rgbcolor A module to parse color values
  • scrapyard Scraping websites made easy.
  • serialharbor plug & play for serialport
  • skyscraper-client scraper administration framework
  • tilethief a mirroring map tile proxy
  • typojs Generates typical typing errors for any given string
  • unq remove duplicates from an array
  • xz-pipe pipes for xz

2 Packages starred by yetzt

  • canvgc A port of canvg & jscanvas, which pareses svg input and outputs js code to reproduce on a canvas.
  • svg-mapper Tool to slice big, annotated SVG into WebMercator tiles