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  • local-proxy good
  • pomelo Pomelo is a fast, scalable game server framework for [node.js](http://nodejs.org). It provides the basic development framework and many related components, including libraries and tools. Pomelo is also suitable for real-time web applications; its distribu
  • pomelo-bt pomelo-bt是pomelo项目中AI模块所依赖的行为树模块,提供了基本的行为树实现。
  • pomelo-loader pomelo中使用Convention over Configuration的形式管理工程目录,不同的功能按约定放在不同的目录下。pomelo-loader为pomelo提供了按目录加载模块的功能。
  • pomelo-logger pomelo-logger ========
  • pomelo-protocol Encode and decode binary protocol for Pomelo framework.
  • pomelo-rpc pomelo-rpc is the low level RPC framework for pomelo project. It contains two parts: client and server.
  • pomelo-scheduler pomelo-schedule is a schedule tool for nodejs, it's purpose is to provide a product level schedule module which is high efficient and can support large number job schedule.You can

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  • bearcat Magic, self-described javaScript objects build up elastic, maintainable front-backend javaScript applications