17 Packages by wwwy3y3

  • canner A static webpage generator based on template engines, which aimed to deal with the maintenance difficulty between data and webpages.
  • canner-hbs-parser canner-hbs-parser
  • canvasr nodejs canvas api helpers
  • cassandra-simple-orm a simple CRUD orm for cassandra helenus
  • easyrole Role Based Access Control
  • error-agent a simple error handler
  • file-op simple file insert, delete by char, index api
  • gitgit high-level git lib, built on nodegit
  • haiku.js heroku like name generator
  • joe-can joe-can
  • locales-load load locales phrases from dictionary folder
  • mandrill-jade email template using jade and mandrill
  • schemar schemar generate a schema from a js object
  • strata-can strata theme for canner
  • subdomain-static subdomain-static is a nodejs module help you redirect subdomain request to certain file folders
  • tailor.js tailor.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3
  • treee walk through file system and output a tree

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  • jsome Make your JSON look AWESOME !