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  • constraints A type checker, that allows definition of additional types and constraints over them, checking objects against types and extension with default values before checks
  • fson fson ====
  • nsconf A simple config container allowing setting values for "namespaces" - dot separated property names. E.g set('', {}) will make { foo: { bar: { baz: {} } } }
  • organic-dinucleus
  • organic-dinucleus4sy... An extension of DINucleus adding address injection and address resolving.
  • organic-plasma-multi...
  • organic-synapse node-organic-synapse ============
  • reactions A library of methods for creating function (context, next), where next is a function (error, result)
  • simpleamdloader A simple reaction - provided with name it loads a module by this name using AMD. Never invokes done(error)
  • yacollections A simple pack of collections for node and browser. No prototype modifications. Map, Set, List. JavaScript objects are used instead of HashTable algorythm implementation

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  • feather-config A library useful in bootstrapping feather-like applications with a configuration environment.
  • load-grunt-config Grunt plugin that lets you break up your Gruntfile config by task