18 Packages starred by uwo

  • acl An Access Control List module, based on Redis with Express middleware support
  • changelog-gen Small Utility to generates Changelog files
  • express-sslify Enforces SSL for node.js express projects
  • friendly-sql Write SQL conveniently
  • gput super simple streaming uploads into google drive from the command line
  • gridform Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB GridFS
  • gulp-imagemin Minify PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG images
  • json-mask Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.
  • mms db migration with mongo shell
  • mpath {G,S}et object values using MongoDB-like path notation
  • muri MongoDB URI parser
  • node-deploy Makes deploying node web apps to nginx + upstart machines easy
  • node-rules Business Rules Engine for JavaScript
  • pac pack your node_modules as *.tgz files for version control and easy deploys
  • public-ip Get your public IP address - very fast!
  • scmp safe, constant-time string-comparison
  • tar-stream tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.
  • toobusy Don't fall over when your Node.JS server is too busy.