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    Jocelyn Badgley

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    • A key-value store with partial-object key matching.

      published 0.1.2 8 years ago
    • A grunt task to compile handlebars templates into universal AMD/CommonJS modules.

      published 0.1.0 8 years ago
    • An observer/mediator library that supports objects and arrays as event names for partial matching on dispatches.

      published 0.1.1 8 years ago
    • Helper function for nodeunit to generate sets of tests using arrays of test data.

      published 1.0.0 4 years ago
    • An express middleware for creating conditional groups of other middleware.

      published 0.2.1 8 years ago
    • Modular IRC client socket

      published 0.1.0 7 years ago
    • An extension of the morgan express logger to output through the debug library.

      published 2.0.0 6 years ago
    • A portable collection of handlebars helper functions for use in node and the browser.

      published 0.2.0 3 years ago
    • Markdown / JSdoc documentation generator

      published 0.9.1 a month ago
    • A low-level framework for constructing IRC servers.

      published 2.0.0 a year ago
    • Alias for the most current version of jQuery 2.x, to allow for installing both jQuery 1 and 2 in the same project.

      published 1.0.0 7 years ago
    • Alias for the most current version of jQuery 1.x, to allow for installing both jQuery 1 and 2 in the same project.

      published 1.0.0 7 years ago
    • A no-frills chainable/fluent interface for constructing mutable MySQL queries with data binding/escapement.

      published 3.0.0 3 years ago
    • A no-frills active record implementation for node-mysql.

      published 1.0.0 5 years ago
    • A buffered EventEmitter with built in express middleware for long-polling.

      published 0.3.2 7 years ago
    • A generator for creating promises that can be used as node.js callbacks.

      published 1.0.0 6 years ago
    • A framework agnostic javascript date picker.

      published 1.0.2 2 years ago
    • Node module for programatically generating custom jquery builds.

      published 1.1.1 6 years ago
    • Gulp plugin for generating custom jQuery builds from source.

      published 1.1.2 6 years ago
    • Library for stubbing client/server communication in integration tests.

      published 1.0.0 7 years ago
    • App for integrating pm2 stats into librato

      published 1.0.0 7 years ago
    • Testing library for creating mock functions with sequential behavior

      published 1.4.0 4 years ago
    • A debugging utility for identifying what is keeping a node process running.

      published 0.0.1 6 years ago
    • A date comparison assertion extension for node-tap

      published 1.1.0 6 years ago
    • published 2.2.0 5 years ago
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