14 Packages by tlevine

  • asana-cli Command-line interface to Asana (
  • bashful-fs Mimic a Unix filesystem in a browser
  • compress-opening-tim... Compress the schedule of the opening times of a store, office, &c.
  • git-encrypt Transparent Git Encryption
  • ntp Synchronize browser times with a server times through a protocol inspired by the Network Time Protocol
  • pdf2svg Convert a PDF file to a directory of SVG files.
  • pipeish The full ECMAScript API done a functional way.
  • plan-things Like notecards-on-a-table, but portable, digitized, scriptable and in a git repository
  • r-dat.frame A drop-in replacement for data.frame backed by dat
  • r-markdown.list Convert a vector into an ordered or unordered list in markdown.
  • r-open-data-500 Data from the Open Data 500
  • r-pretty.barplot A thin wrapper around the base R barplot function
  • Submit a sql query to and return a data.frame
  • urchin Test framework for shell