13 Packages by timisbusy

  • amqp-stats Interface for RabbitMQ Management statistics. http://www.rabbitmq.com/management.html
  • cachon Redis cache for lazies.
  • constantcontact Wrapper for Constant Contact API v2
  • datasift-rest NodeJS wrapper for DataSift REST API
  • dumpstr mongodumps directly to s3, does not pass go, does not create dump locally and then upload. streams and pipes all the way.
  • gochime Node.js wrapper for the GoChime API.
  • handson-reddit Node.js wrapper for Reddit API
  • hasoffers Wrapper for HasOffers API (http://www.hasoffers.com/wiki/Category:API)
  • hiddengem require and call find()
  • makeitawesome Makes text awesome
  • servicebus Simple service bus for sending events between processes using amqp.
  • shift-api Wrapper for shift api (shift.com)
  • tweek Adds inactivity events to node stream objects.