7 Packages by subtlegradient

  • headless-inspector headless client for webkit remote inspector and blink devtools
  • A simple hook that spawns one child hook for each json config file in a given directory
  • photoshop Control Adobe Photoshop and After Effects from Node.js
  • photoshop-inspector-... HTTP WebSocket JSON-RPC Server for interacting with Adobe Photoshop via the Remote WebKit Inspector protocol
  • photoshop-smart-obje... Download and place an image url into Photoshop, saving the original source url into the layer metadata. Uses node-photoshop.
  • pillowcase pillowcase helps you get some REST
  • ws-multi-proxy Many to many WebSocket proxy server with pluggable routing logic. e.g. Take a bunch of existing WebSocket servers that only accept a single client connection and allow it to be used with multiple clients at once.

3 Packages starred by subtlegradient

  • co generator async control flow goodness
  • immutable Immutable Data Collections
  • thunkify Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, generator functions, and promises into a thunk