12 Packages by stdbrouw

  • date-expand Expand a date into various representations of its constituent components, like 4-digit year, 2-digit year, month, two-digit month and so on. All strftime formats are included, and more. Use when you need serialized dates in logic-less templates.
  • flatten-cli A simple command-line utility that flattens and unflattens JSON.
  • gather-cli Merge JSON files, with a twist: optionally add metadata from the filename or the files' stats to each dataset.
  • groupby-cli Split up JSON data into multiple files based on shared characteristics.
  • pollster-server Pollster polls for arbitrary metadata about URLs at regular intervals and puts it in a database. It's particularly good at tracking news articles' social share counts over time. Tailored to an AWS stack.
  • put-cli A command-line utility to move, rename, copy and symlink files, uses simple placeholders rather than regular expressions.
  • refract-cli A command-line utility to reshape objects. Destructuring assignment on steroids.
  • render-cli Render HTML from Jade, Handlebars, Swig and most other kinds of templates on the command line. Uses the consolidate.js template engine consolidation library for all heavy lifting.
  • serve-cli Use *serve* to quickly serve up a directory of static files. Serve supports live reloading, so anytime you change a file, it will automatically refresh in your browser. You can also trigger a command (or a [Make]( target)
  • simple-path-expressi... A dumbed-down but easier-to-use kind of regular expressions for matching and filling paths and urls.
  • sqlnosql Push semi-structured data (e.g. JSON documents) into a database with a minimum of fuss.
  • yaml-to-json Convert YAML into JSON. Supports YAML frontmatter, YAML multidocs and other mixed text-and-yaml documents. Can process Textile, Markdown and AsciiDoc strings. Works on the command-line and in node.js.