Packages 15

    • Replace references to grunt-filerev files.

      published 0.1.5 6 years ago
    • A collection of helpers for quick and tasty Handlebars templates

      published 0.0.12 7 years ago
    • Deploy a package to a hosting service for easy review

      published 2.4.0 7 years ago
    • [RDFa][rdfa], [][schema], [Open Graph][open], and good ol’ [meta tags][meta]. The semantic web is really an actual thing! But getting the right tags and code in place takes time. That’s time you _should_ be spending optimizing the content as bes

      published 1.0.1 7 years ago
    • [![CircleCI Status][circleci-badge]][circleci]

      published 3.2.1 a year ago
    • Subscribes an email address to a list. Supports a selection of email marketing services.

      published 2.1.1 7 years ago
    • Injects notification and alert markup and UI in the browser.

      published 1.2.1 7 years ago
    • Render your [Solidus]( views in the browser! Just like Solidus, this library will:

      published 1.4.1 a year ago
    • Interacting with Sparkart's [Universe API](, using [SolidusClient](! The Universe module inherits from the SolidusClient module.

      published 2.1.1 a year ago
    • Rev and replace files according to their mutual dependencies

      published 1.0.0 7 years ago
    • Renders an API response (resource) into markup on a page on the client side.

      published 0.0.3 6 years ago
    • Allows previewing an API response via solidus-client.

      published 0.0.1 6 years ago
    • A slush generator for Solidus sites

      published 1.2.0 6 years ago
    • An opinionated workflow and CLI tool for generating design documentation from typical files/artifacts of the design process and serving it up as a website. It has been designed to minimize friction between design and development through automation with th

      published 0.1.0 6 years ago
    • A CLI tool to evaluate the quality of writing in your project's markdown files.

      published 3.3.0 5 years ago