13 Packages by shovon

  • bpg-stream A stream-based JPG/PNG to BPG transcoder
  • connect-commonjs-amd Write JavaScript. Convert it into AMD.
  • decaf-lisp An insanely ugly dialect of LISP.
  • express-custom-mime-... A middleware to send files with a user-defined mime type.
  • generator-react-mate... A generator for Material Design-inspired React application
  • grunt-harp A grunt task for either running a Harp server, or compile your site using harp.
  • grunt-longrunning Spawn long running processes.
  • importsjs A simple package manager similar to C++'s imports instead of AMD.
  • jade-static Serve static Jade files from an Express server.
  • less-static Serve static LESS files from an Express server.
  • speke Simple Password Exponential Key Exchange for Node.js. Resistant to MITM, unlike vanilla Diffie-Hellman
  • sync-prompt The missing prompt function for Node.js
  • weinre-tap In just one command, test your static mobile app remotely