11 Packages by rsdoiel

  • extractor A small utility library for retrieving and scraping web content. It targets scraping content with a unique attribute id, class or tag.
  • fmttxt Small library for formatting plain text.
  • harness Yet another test organizer except this one works in NodeJS, Mongo 2.2's shell and modern web browsers.
  • memfile A simplistic in-memory file cache. Not suitable of a huge number of files. It doesn't feature logging which a production implementation requirement.
  • mimetype A mime type catalog driven by filename extensions.
  • mweave This is an experiment in using Markdown and some concepts from literate programming.
  • opt A configuration, cmd line options and RESTful web processor module for NodeJS. A simple help text is also automatically generated based if the command line options or RESTful paths you define so you don't have to remember to do that later.
  • reltime A function to calculate relative time based on a simple date string notation. Intended to be lighter weight than the excellent moment.js.
  • sqlish A small SQL generator for NodeJS, MongoDB shell or web browser.
  • stn A small utility library for parsing Simple Timesheet notation into a useful JSON object.
  • tbone A simple library to generate valid HTML markup.