Ros McMahon

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  • arweave-deploy

    published 1.9.1 3 years ago
  • Arweave JS client library

    published 1.13.7 2 months ago
  • This library serves an easy to use developer's interface to arweave-id. Arweave-id is an identity service for the permaweb a.k.a. Arweave open web. This library encapsulates, enforces, and abstracts away arweave-id rules, for example, to prevent name masq

    published 2.0.11 2 years ago
  • Simple, scalable smart contracts on the Arweave protocol.

    published 0.4.49 a year ago
  • [![Version](](

    published 1.2.1 3 months ago
  • Arweave Uploader - detect and handle arweave upload failures. It attempts high fault tolerance, so not really suitable for non-automated systems (very long timeouts).

    published 1.1.12 a year ago
  • This is the SDK of TestWeave. TestWeave is the testing environment of the Arweave.

    published 0.2.2 2 years ago
  • This is the interface to use when developing plugins for [shepherd](

    published 0.3.1 a month ago
  • This is a nsfw plugin for the [shepherd]( content moderation framework. It implements the [shepherd-plugin-interfaces](

    published 0.2.2 3 days ago
  • ar-names. arweaveID only better.

    published 3.0.3 a year ago
  • [![Version](](

    published 0.0.9 9 months ago