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  • async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  • async-cache Cache your async lookups and don't fetch the same thing more than necessary.
  • buffer-builder Build a buffer without knowing its size beforehand
  • bufferjoiner A nodejs binary buffer utility
  • cookie-parser cookie parsing with signatures
  • debug small debugging utility
  • fast-list A fast linked list (good for queues, stacks, etc.)
  • html-entities Faster HTML entities encode/decode library.
  • js-tokens A regex that tokenizes JavaScript.
  • linkedlist Array like linked list with iterator
  • passport Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.
  • request Simplified HTTP request client.
  • ride Monkey-patching/overriding/hooking library
  • router Simple middleware-style router
  • stream-buffers Buffer-backed Streams for reading and writing.