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  • azure-publishsetting... A node.js utility to parse the Windows Azure publishsettings file, and create ServiceManagementService objects to work with the Azure Service Management API.
  • azure-search A client for the Azure Search service
  • azure-table-streamer stream to azure table storage
  • azureleveldown An implementation of LevelDown for Windows Azure Table Storage
  • bloom-text-compare Node.js module which creates a hash of a word list using a bloom filter, and compares hashes to give you a value for the similarity between the word lists.
  • country-code-lookup Finds countries by various country codes
  • edge-lsharp LSharp extension for edge.js
  • level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb
  • literate Lightweight literal programming
  • neutrinodb A json document database built on node.js and leveldb
  • node-azure Windows Azure library for Node.js
  • node-orleans A node.js client for Codename Orleans
  • talky A repl for text to speech
  • termite Display messages on the screen, and update the state asynchronously.
  • towtruck An implementation of the actor model for node.js aiming for high scale, low latency and clustering

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  • azure Microsoft Azure Client Library for node