13 Packages by reissbaker

  • batchgl A library for easy WebGL batching.
  • bundle-app Builds single-page apps from an app.toml
  • css-sourcery A code-as-data take on conjuring up CSS
  • dress-shoe A simple extension of sockjs to allow for namespaced channels of communication over websockets
  • es6-browserify Transpile ES6 in a Browserify transform
  • gamekernel A tiny, Component-based kernel of a game engine.
  • glow A Grit plugin to make async property access simple. Based on Heavy Flow.
  • grit A Backbone-style model class, usable in Node or in the browser
  • heavy-flow An async flow-control library
  • holdup Wrangle CommonJS Promises.
  • html-sourcery A pure-Javascript library for conjuring up HTML
  • parseArgs A fluent DSL for parsing argument objects.
  • wate Wrangle callbacks without Promises.