18 Packages starred by redbe4rd

  • async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  • backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.
  • bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.
  • co generator async control flow goodness
  • event-stream construct pipes of streams of events
  • formidable A node.js module for parsing form data, especially file uploads.
  • gulp The streaming build system
  • http-proxy HTTP proxying for the masses
  • jshint Static analysis tool for JavaScript
  • lodash The modern build of lodash modular utilities.
  • moment Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates
  • mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.
  • passport Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js.
  • q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)
  • sails API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Express and
  • superagent elegant & feature rich browser / node HTTP with a fluent API
  • validator String validation and sanitization
  • winston A multi-transport async logging library for Node.js