12 Packages by rchiniquy

  • async-autotarget Take an object of named functions (like for an async auto workflow, why else) and return an object containing only a specific subtree
  • cassandra-client Node.js CQL driver for Apache Cassandra
  • depends-on Spins up external processes your tests need
  • dreadnot Dreadnot is a 'one click' deploy tool written in [Node.js](http://www.nodejs.org/).
  • elementtree XML Serialization and Parsing module based on Python's ElementTree.
  • luvit-deps Returns the dependency graph of a lua/luvit module
  • rackspace-shared-uti... Shared Rackspace Node.js utility modules and functions.
  • raxrc quickly create ~/.raxrc with tenant id populated from the Rackspace Keystone API
  • required-as Get a list of require()'d modules in a javascript module along with the names in module scope the module objects are assigned to.
  • swiz Serialization and Validation Framework for objects in RESTful APIs
  • timeout-tape wrap tape's test object in a timeout for tests that may not terminate if a remote resource fails
  • zk-ultralight An even simpler library for locking with ZooKeeper based on node-zookeeper-client

5 Packages starred by rchiniquy

  • atom-shell Install atom-shell prebuilts using npm
  • depends-on Spins up external processes your tests need
  • flatui a require()able version of the Flat-UI CSS
  • protobuf-parser protobuf specification parser. streaming.
  • rework Plugin framework for CSS preprocessing