10 Packages by rakeshpai

  • 2co-client A low-level HTTP client for the 2checkout API
  • browser-stack-parser Parses stack traces from browsers, and tries to extract as much information from them as possible
  • cumin A minimalistic library for redis-based queues
  • fn-helpers A library of really small JS functions that I found myself using frequently all over the place.
  • pi-gpio A simple node.js-based GPIO helper for the Raspberry Pi
  • pi-motor A simple helper for L293 and compatible dual-half-bridge ICs for motor control using the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi.
  • redis-lock A locking primitive using redis.
  • redis-memoizer A memoizer using redis as a shared cache, with TTL.
  • source-mapping-url Extracts the sourceMappingUrl from a read stream
  • staticify A better static asset handler for node.js