6 Packages by qawemlilo

  • crushit CrushIt is a commandline tool for crawling web pages and compiling scripts
  • emiter An Event Emitter forked from Backbone.js
  • ping-monitor Website uptime Event Emitter
  • production Minification module for production
  • simple-prompt Simple CLI prompt for Node
  • winzip Tool for archiving files from the commandline

10 Packages starred by qawemlilo

  • body Body parsing
  • ecstatic A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron
  • fast `fast` is a very small JSON over TCP messaging framework. Effectively, it lets you write RPC systems that "stream" many results back for a single message (not in the sense of a streaming JSON parser, but in the sense of many objects that are correlated).
  • gulp-compressor A gulp plugin for compressor(minify) html,js and css.
  • gulp-minify-css Minify css with clean-css.
  • mock-knex a knex mock adapter for simulating a db during testing
  • st A module for serving static files. Does etags, caching, etc.
  • tedious A TDS driver, for connecting to MS SQLServer databases.
  • trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors
  • write-good Naive linter for English prose