12 Packages by pvenkatakrishnan

  • confit Environment-aware configuration.
  • engine-munger An engine munger for express apps.
  • fastpath An optimised Jsonpath parser
  • file-resolver Resolves to a file path given the source file, locale and file extension, used in kraken projects
  • generator-kraken A kraken generator for Yeoman
  • grunt-localizr grunt-localizr ==============
  • karka A simple rule parser
  • kraken-devtools A development mode toolkit for kraken
  • kraken-js An express-based Node.js web application bootstrapping module.
  • lusca Application security for express.
  • makara i18n support for dust.js templates
  • makara-browserify Tools to browserify content bundles for krakenjs apps.

2 Packages starred by pvenkatakrishnan

  • shortstop Enable use of protocols (such as file:, buffer:, or method:) in configuration files.
  • shortstop-regex shortstop handler to support regular expressions