Oskar Lebuda

  • Type Vue allows to create TypeScript Vue.js classes which support inheritance

    published 1.3.3 5 years ago
  • HTML Pretty error stack viewer

    published 2.0.11 4 years ago
  • Inputmask is a javascript library which creates an input mask. Inputmask can run against vanilla javascript, jQuery and jqlite.

    published 5.0.11 2 years ago
  • Fontello font generator

    published 1.0.3 a year ago
  • Vue single-file component loader for Webpack

    published 2.7.0 a year ago
  • Zstd wrapper for Nodejs 16 and above

    published 2.0.8 9 months ago
  • Produces Metrics of Pm2 of running instances.little updated version of https://github.com/burningtree/pm2-prometheus-exporter, any PR is appriciated.

    published 1.0.51 19 hours ago
  • Capacitor plugin in app browser

    published 0.3.18 8 months ago
  • Color and gradient picker for vue.js

    published 0.1.5 7 months ago
  • vue-class-component wrapper to make components more typesafe

    published 0.10.2 4 months ago
  • A grunt plugin that uses scss-to-json and writes the JSON to the file system.

    published 1.0.1 4 months ago
  • Vector maps for jQuery Mapael

    published 1.0.0 4 months ago
  • Compile Sass to CSS using node-sass

    published 3.1.0 3 months ago