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  • copperhead Connect compatible router middleware that supports content negotiation
  • dexdis The simplest way to use IndexedDB in the browser
  • finito Finite state machine that emits events and is compatible to EventEmitter.
  • garret *Linked data with ease.*
  • http-accept Connect compatible middleware that parses HTTP Accept header fields
  • onion Simple and flexible middleware stack that enables you to add a middleware layer to just about anything
  • onion.http Connect compatible HTTP middleware stack based on onion
  • onion.utils Some useful utilities for [onion](
  • prependstream Super simple stream that prepends a constant value to another stream.
  • shallot HTTP DSL in CoffeeScript
  • turer A JavaScript Turing Machine
  • wintersmith-node-sas... A wintersmith plugin that compiles scss to css.

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