5 Packages by mcluck

  • clairvoyant Build Psykick game skeletons using a custom language
  • mstest Provides an interface for the mstest command line utility
  • psykick2d Psykick 2D game engine
  • simple-ssh A wrapper for ssh2 to make it easier to perform commands over SSH
  • slimdx-gamepad Provides an interface for the SlimDX gamepad

5 Packages starred by mcluck

  • capsulejs Easy deploy from git (bitbucket/github) to web server
  • ec2-docker-experimen... Tool to start up ec2 spot instances and run a Docker experiment on them
  • edge Edge.js: run .NET and Node.js in-process on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • es6-default-params Function default parameters compiled to ES5.
  • extract-comments Extract code comments from string or from a glob of files.