18 Packages by mateodelnorte

  • cconfig simple cascading config system
  • wrapper around weather API
  • gitignoreensure ensure lines present in a local gitignore file
  • hasoffers Wrapper for HasOffers API (
  • llog simple multi-level application logging module
  • microsvc framework for developing tiny services
  • microsvc-bus microsvc integration for servicebus
  • microsvc-cconfig
  • microsvc-llog
  • microsvc-master simple module to make your microservice a master with ability to track slaves
  • microsvc-slave simple module to make your microservice a slave with ability to report to a master
  • mockrequire Simple module for mocking required dependencies. Works with any testing suite.
  • node-paypal-masspaym... Making payments with MassPayment NVP
  • ozone A library for scraping ozone / air quality data from the US National Weather Service & NOAA
  • servicebus Simple service bus for sending events between processes using amqp.
  • servicebus-retry retry middleware for servicebus
  • sourced Tiny framework for building models with the event sourcing pattern (events and snapshots).
  • sourced-repo-mongo mongo data store and repository for sourced-style event sourcing models

1 Package starred by mateodelnorte

  • catw concatenate file globs, watching for changes