11 Packages by mako-taco

  • diffserv-node-expres... diffserv-node-express =====================
  • dox-github CLI for transforming dox output into github READMEs
  • excel-errors Web and node.js spreadsheet library. Supports xlsx, csv, tsv (or any simple delimited file) for now.
  • implore Small XHR wrapper for modern browsers
  • js-env-compile js-env-compile ==============
  • mako-event-emitter browserify module for emitting/registering to custom events in the browser
  • mako-vow Promises/A+ proposal compatible promises library, forked to include 'fulfill' and fix a context issue
  • missing.js The missing prototype utility functions for JavaScript
  • pivotal-git An integration for Git & Pivotal Tracker
  • travis-cov-forked Mocha/blanket coverage reporter for travis-ci.
  • wan The goal of Wan is to reduce http overhead by cutting requests to static resources, without requiring you to make any significant changes to your current sites. Wan will radically affect your site's request footprint. Click to see a [video side-by-side comparisson]( of a website with and without `wan`.