9 Packages by louischatriot

  • binary-search-tree Different binary search tree implementations, including a self-balancing one (AVL)
  • connect-nedb-session Nedb-backed session store for Connect/Express session middleware
  • exec-time See how much time every step of a script takes to execute
  • express-group-handle... Apply a middleware only to a group of route handlers in Express
  • nedb File-based embedded data store for node.js
  • nedb-logger Logger outputting messages to a file in a nedb-readable format with minimal memory footprint
  • nedb-to-mongodb Put all your data in a NeDB database in a MongoDB collection
  • node-pbkdf2 Wrapper around pbkdf2 to securely and hash and check passwords in a future-proof manner, abstracting the API change between node v0.8 and v0.10
  • node-redis-pubsub Redis PubSub client for Node