Keshav Saharia

  • Blockdown specification and parser.

    published 1.0.1 6 years ago
  • Distributed computing with Node.js

    published 1.0.0 5 years ago
  • Platform for rapid application development.

    published 1.0.0 3 years ago
  • Stub for an upcoming client library.

    published 1.0.0 3 years ago
  • Full-featured TypeScript queue implementations with strong typing, iterators, async iterators, no dependencies, and robust testing.

    published 1.0.2 2 years ago
  • Handles bulk geocoding for United States addresses with the U.S. Census Bureau's free batch geocoding API.

    published 1.0.0 2 years ago
  • TypeScript module for controlling LIFX smart bulbs

    published 1.0.0 a year ago
  • A command line utility for quickly deploying AWS Lambda with other AWS services.

    published 0.0.1 8 months ago
  • TypeScript framework for building education apps on AWS.

    published 1.0.0 5 months ago
  • TypeScript functions for reading/writing from ZStandard compressed files

    published 1.0.1 4 months ago